CM cultural association is an Educational, socio, Cultural and humanitarian charity Association. it was incepted in 136/07. it is situated at kongad, palakkad, kerala, india.a local body rules it.there is minority status for our some institutions.we conduct monthly spiritual gathering and very grand gathering yearly.people from all walks off life visit CM Ri-aya Handicapped providing food and other helps getting back sincere prayer from the inmates.

Association tries a great vital role in growth of a new generation.Association is rehabilitating the blind,dump and mentally challenged students.CMCA offers them food, shelter,education and other facilities on free of cost.

Our Vision

Enlighteniing the generation especially poor,needy and downtrodden by inculcating right knowledge, traditional values and assisting them with technical support, preparing them to serve the Country and bringing them in to the main stream of the community.

Our Mission

Establishing oriented educational institutions with full fledged infra structure and finding out the needy and downtrodden students to achive the vision. through humanitarian touch towards them without any prejedise and selfish.


Cm ri-aya handicapped home care project

Some of our brothers are in seviour hardship and ordeal .we can’t take them to the differently abled centre and stay with us because they are too much week to sit or stand by them selves Somebody is mentally retarded they have no cognitive power at all. Some of them are lying only on their backside without moving right or left. Their poor parents look after them Whenever they need we spent enough money for their treatment and betterment apart from this association provides every month big kits contains rise ,oil, spices, cereal ,pulse etc…

CM Central School

We proude of introducing our CM Central school.It was incepted in 2009.There are around 400 Students on the roll our school follows the CBSE stream of syllabus.And the academic year is divided in to two semesters continuous and comprehensive evaluation has been properly implemented the formative assessments twice a year we proud of result both in academic and co-curricular activities.

CM Najah Academy

CM Najah Academy is an educational programe in promoting both islamic and modern education beneath an ambrella. its course duration is 9 years. the students are selected through entrence test and personal interview. CM Najah Academy provides efficincy in shareea and modern education. they will be able in English, Arabic and Urdu Languages with computer knowlage in addition to they get da - awa coching (propagation strategies).

CM Masjid

Association has a spacious mosque in its campus congregational prayer Monthly Spiritual gathering are conducted therein. cm najah academy {a college of Islamic science & da’wa } students ,central school , staff and native people assemble there for prayer.

The proposed institutions to be started.

1. Collage of arts and science

2. Technical engineering institutes

3. School of the holly quran ( hifz )

4. University study centre

5. Health care and hospital

6. Scholarship for poor students

7. Makthaba ( library )

8. The quran and hadees research centre

9. Foriegn Language Study Centre

10. Afzalul Ulama Collage

11. Pain and Paliative Care Centre