This estabishment stands for the functioning of both physically and mentally challenged children. Somebody has no eye power, hearing power and can't talk even a singile word. Many of them are growing by body without their mind. some brothers are lying on their back side without moving on neither left nor right suffering much more pain and hard ships.

Medical science calls their inabilities Outisum, mental retardation, cerebral pulsy, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia neuro devolopmental disorders. Tottally our 66 students are diffrently abled in pitiable situation

once in a week psychiatrist and doctors treat them, taking them to the hospital or coming the doctor to the institution. we conduct grand Medical camp for the needy as well them, Association does hard work to bring them to main stream of the socity. it intends to expand its helping hand towards the week section as Carpendary, Weaving, Dairy products, Candle making and Sundry craft.


For Special children basic exercise techniques like Passive movements, Active assisted\exercise, Assisted resistance exercice, Strengthening exercise, Pelvic bridging and posture correction techniques etc are adopted.

Special Education

Special Education is given to children who have sub-average intelligence. Aim of special education is to make the child independent in activities of daily living. The first step of a special educator is to assess the child and find out what a child can do and can not do, then set goals, train the child to get to those goals with concurrent evaluation.

Medical and Health Care

Children are provided comprehensive and prompt health care and medication by the in-house physician with his supporting nursing staff. Health is also constantly monitored by periodic check up and surveillance. Medical help is also made available to the poor in the neighborhood.

Residential Facility

We provide residential facility to the needy and deserving . Separate dormitories are available for Boys and Girls. The hostel is backed up by a hygienic Kitchen and dining hall to provide Wholesome food.