( A college of Islamic science and Da'awa )


CM Najah Academy is an educational programe in promoting both islamic and modern education beneath an ambrella. its course duration is 9 years. the students are selected through entrence test and personal interview. CM Najah Academy provides efficincy in shareea and modern education. they will be able in English, Arabic and Urdu Languages with computer knowlage in addition to they get da - awa coching (propagation strategies)

more than 35 students are studyng in Arabic college. generally all are poor but intelligents. around seven teachers and alims are working for them in teaching and caring. they are studying Quran Hadeeth,Fiqh, English, Arabic, Science and maths. the huge expence is spent for education, accomadation, food, cloth etc. by the institution they will save the community in future.

The vision

Enlighteniing the generation especially poor, needy and downtrodden by inculcating right knowledge, traditional values and assisting them with technical support, preparing them to serve the Country and bringing them in to the main stream of the community


our Prophet (SAW) says "Those who are mercifull will be shown mercy by the mercifull, Be mercifull to those on the earth and above the heavens will have mercy upon you.(Al-Thirmudi). in order to rehabilitate them. welcome you to join in providing great service to the differently abled and needy. may allah accept our all deeds and words. Ameen...