We proude of introducing our CM Central school.It was incepted in 2009.There are around 400 Students on the roll our school follows the CBSE stream of syllabus.And the academic year is divided in to two semesters continuous and comprehensive evaluation has been properly implemented the formative assessments twice a year we proud of result both in academic and co-curricular activities


We give so importance to the students’ sports and Arts program me . The winners are taken to district school sahodaya competition. the district winners would be taken to state level competition . they get several awards prizes and certificates . students have been divided in to four groups they are blue, white ,green and orange . more over there are functioning many clubs .different language clubs ,moths science and social studies . all these are helpful to develop students’ skill .


We have beautiful serine campus being decorated with KG parks , garden vast play ground purified drinking water . cmcs has three buildings to facilitate the students in class room with full ventilation and light , library along with reading room, computer lab along with internet connection smart class room , in addition to 23 class room , administrative office staff rooms ,store room .campus and classroom are clean with sufficient toilet separating for the boys and girls , transport facility to all roots is available .


We have a very strong PTA with 21 members occasionally they would get together thinking and assisting the various activities of school highly. They are motivating the staff and supporting the school to taking they are active under the presidentialship Shareef Amani, MPTA President Faseela and Shabeer Ali. Parents are very supportive in all matters of school. Almost every Parents are participating in the PTA and special meeting. They are our energy.We have sumit of council once in two or three months. They get together to discuss various problems and review the day to day functions of the school.


Life Skills is an interactive program to promote personal development by means of narrating stories and realistic situations, which are role-played by the children in a team after discussing the solution with their group. Team games are conducted to observe group participation, communicating ideas, experience difference in opinions, listening skills, emphasising and to realize the potential in each child.


The assessments are done continuously in all the subjects for all the lessons, but without any pressure on the students. Most often, the children are not even aware that they are being assessed. The assessments are not mere paper- pen tests which test only the knowledge or the memory of the students, but hands on activities which assess the understanding through application.


Tomorrow’s Stars Rise at, this is our school’s main caption. We are trying to make our all students star. We focus on four very important matters, qualitative education, discipline, spoken English and more over moral education to all. We find out our children’s special talents and skills according to their capacity we give special attention in person , maximum we motivate our students to become talen and better person in future